DC"s New Superman & Lois Actors Were Predicted 3 Years Ago - Before James Gunn Was Even Hired

While Superman: Legacy has finally tapped its new Clark Kent and Lois Lane, an old tweet from three years ago is getting major traction as the user predicted the casting for James Gunn's major DC Universe movie. After several months of looking for the big screen's next take on Superman and Lois, Warner Bros. Discovery and DC Studios officially found their leading duo, with David Corenswet and Rachel Brosnahan getting tapped for Superman: Legacy. The film is the first proper entry into Gunn's DC Universe which will start in 2025.
With DC Studios' new Superman and Lois locked in for the reboot, social media has already been buzzing about the Superman: Legacy casting announcement. However, in a hilarious turn of events, an old tweet from December 1, 2020, from @KunaliB has resurfaced where the user directly predicted Corenswet and Brosnahan's casting, even if it was for Matt Reeves' The Batman universe.
While not tied to The Batman franchise, the user was correct in a sense, as their casting ended up being part of a new universe altogether. It didn't take long for Twitter to praise the 2020 predictions, with several fans sharing their reactions to the tweet about Corenswet and Brosnahan ending up in Superman: Legacy. Check out several excerpts below:


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