The Superman Reboot Secretly Removes Snyder’s Meaning 10 Years After Man of Steel

The DC Universe will kick off with a Superman reboot thanks to Superman: Legacy, which will secretly remove the meaning Zack Snyder gave Superman in Man of Steel a decade ago. The inconsistency and many failures of the DCEU led to a restructuring in the world of DC Comics on TV and film, making way for the DC Universe. Although the DCEU still has a couple of movies waiting to be released, the projects in the first chapter of the DC Universe, titled “Gods and Monsters”, have already been revealed, and it will begin with a new version of the man of steel.
The first movie in the DC Universe will be Superman: Legacy, written and directed by James Gunn. The DC Universe’s Superman won’t be played by Henry Cavill, and instead, Superman: Legacy will explore the younger years of the man of steel. Superman: Legacy will focus on Kal-El’s journey to reconcile his Kryptonian heritage with his human family in Kansas, and Gunn is already looking for the new and younger Superman. The DC Universe’s Superman reboot is not only different from Cavill’s version in the DCEU in terms of age and the focus of its story, but also its meaning, effectively removing what Snyder established in Man of Steel a decade ago.


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