David Corenswet Is Superman?! Our Opinion On The Casting That Will Define A Franchise

So, David Corenswet is the DCU's new Superman in Superman: Legacy and naturally the Internet has Thoughts about it. He's perfect, or he's too small, or he's not Henry Cavill, or he looks so much like Superman, or... Well, you get the idea. It's fair to say that Superman's movie casting carries similar expectations as casting Batman or James Bond. There's a weight of history there thanks to those who came before and how millions of DC comic book pages have portrayed DC's most wholesome superhero. In all of that, one question can too easily be passed over: will David Corenswet actually be a good Superman?
Handed the cape, tights and keys to the Fortress of Solitude for James Gunn's 2025 reboot of Superman, Corenswet has a lot in front of him, and crucially, not that much behind him. He's a fresh face with the added benefit of looking an awful lot like Superman has been drawn on the page for decades. He's also an actor, of course, with work out there for everyone to see and judge. And even as the DCEU sighs its last breaths at the box office with The Flash's distracting financial failure, DC are looking ahead and pinning their hopes on someone who genuinely does deserve their faith.


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