Jedi: Survivor"s 10 Best Star Wars Easter Eggs

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is a fantastic game with tons of new areas and planets to explore, so it's no surprise the developers snuck some little Easter eggs in for the fans. From cameos to lore, there is something to keep even the pickiest player happy hidden in Jedi: Survivor. While some Easter eggs are more obvious than others, and some are very well hidden.
While Jedi: Survivor's combat is arguably more important than its story purely because of the gaming medium, the depth of the Star Wars universe is what makes fans love it. Jedi: Survivor does a great job of blending lore with in-joke as it peppers its Easter eggs for fans to find. Here are some of the best Easter eggs players should keep an eye out for.
10 Jabba's Pleasure Barge Up on a shelf in Pyloon’s Saloon is a throwback to Return of the Jedi hidden within Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. In the beams in the main bar is a mini version of Jabba the Hutt’s pleasure barge. The barge was last seen cruising the sands of Tatooine shortly before Jabba’s demise.
What makes this an amusing Easter egg is that Return of the Jedi takes place in 4 ABY, while Jedi: Survivor is set in 9 BBY. That means that Greez got a hold of a mini of Jabba’s barge a full 13 years before the event that propelled it to fame. This opens up the possibility that there is a ripe market for Jabba merch within the Star Wars universe.
9 There Is No Try Achievement Unlocked through the course of the main story Force Lift is a great new power to have in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Using Lift and Slam, Cal is able to immobilize enemies or use the powers together to deal damage. One of the best uses for Force Lift is when using the new Blaster lightsaber stance to lift and then pick off multiple targets.
However, Force Lift can also be used to solve puzzles and move objects in Jedi: Survivor’s environment. One of these is a little Pit droid Cal meets early on after crashing on Koboh. The poor little guy's boat is stuck in tar, and after learning Force Lift, players can help him and recruit him. Upon freeing his boat for the first time, players will receive the There Is No Try achievement, referencing Yoda's words to Luke when training him on Dagobah.
8 Han Solo's Scoundrel Jacket Players who preordered the Deluxe Edition of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor got an extra little Easter egg in the form of some cosmetics. There are lots more customization options for Cal in Jedi: Survivor, from hair and beards to jackets and other clothes. While the Scoudrel jacket itself is a small Easter egg, the description is the real gem.


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