Why Geordi Is A Commodore In Picard, Not A Star Trek Captain

In Star Trek: Picard season 3, Geordi LaForge (LaVar Burton) has risen to the rank of Commodore, allowing him to help his former crewmates much more than if he had been a Captain. Above Captain, but below Admiral, the rank of Commodore does not make many appearances in Star Trek, but it's fitting that one of the few Commodores would be Geordi. Throughout much of his time on the USS Enterprise-D, Geordi serves as the Chief Engineer under Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart). His intelligence and ingenuity often help get the Enterprise out of difficult situations, and he is always driven to find solutions to even the most complicated problems.
It's no surprise then, that Geordi ascends the ranks of Starfleet quickly. In the first three seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation alone, he goes from being a Lieutenant Junior Grade to a full Lieutenant and finally to a Lieutenant Commander and Chief Engineer. In this role, he serves as a leader for the engineering team, and always remains calm during a crisis. Star Trek: Picard season 3 introduces Commodore Geordi LaForge, who works as the head curator of the Fleet Museum on Athan Prime. He not only gets to work on Starfleet's most well-known ships but also finds time to devote to his passion project, restoring the Enterprise-D.
Why Geordi Is A Commodore, Not A Star Trek Captain The rank of Commodore allows Geordi to provide universe-saving help to his former crewmates, and cements him as one of Starfleet's best. As a Commodore, Geordi can oversee a group of ships (as opposed to just one), but still take an active role in the field when necessary, unlike an Admiral. If he had been a Captain, Geordi likely would have been on a different ship somewhere in the galaxy and would not have had access to the Enterprise-D or the parts to restore it. In addition to providing Picard and his crew with a ship unassimilated by the Borg, Geordi also gets to do what he does best by helping to solve some engineering-related problems along the way.


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