Surprising Marvel Actor Reveals He Turned Down Lex Luthor Role In Smallville

A surprising Marvel Cinematic Universe actor was initially offered the Lex Luthor role on Smallville before turning it down, leading to Michael Rosenbaum getting it. One of the superhero properties that came to pave the way for the modern comic book TV genre was Smallville, which became the ultimate Superman origin story. But as much as it focused on Clark Kent, it also explored how Lex became the Man of Steel's greatest enemy. Rosenbaum went on to get tapped as Lex and starred as the popular DC villain for seven seasons.
However, it appears an MCU star almost landed the Smallville role instead of Rosenbaum. On the recent episode of Talk Ville Podcast, Anson Mount, who plays Black Bolt, revealed that he had actually been offered the part of Lex as he and Rosenbaum reflected upon their history together. While the Star Trek star didn't recall why he turned it down, Mount explained that he was ready to shave his head had he played Lex on Smallville. Mount also shared the funny exchange he and Rosenbaum had when he found out his friend had gotten cast, stating the following:
Pretty, pretty close. Yeah [when asked if he tested for the role] - Michael, don't you remember this? [laughs] Back when you got the role, you were telling me, 'I'm doing this Superman thing; I'm playing Lex Luthor.' We were on the phone or something.' [I said] 'Oh my god, they offered that to me!' It just came out; I wasn't thinking. It was the most stupidest, most insensitive thing to say that I have ever said. I honestly can't recall [when asked why he turned it down]. My representatives really didn't want me to shave my head, but that didn't really bother me. I honestly can not remember why.


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