Aubrey Plaza Shares Exciting Marvel Set Photo from Her Upcoming MCU Debut

Agatha: Coven of Chaos star Aubrey Plaza shared a new photo from the set of Kathryn Hahn’s upcoming MCU Disney+ series.
Fans were ecstatic when Plaza was first cast in the series. Even Guardians of the Galaxy actor Chris Pratt has been vocal about her involvement, noting how she is “unique and talented and special” and that she is “having such an amazing moment right now.”
As for who she is playing, that remains a big question mark. Plaza herself remains coy about it all, only confirming that she has “a really pivotal role.”
The Darkhold Diaries for Disney+Upcoming MCU star Aubrey Plaza posted a new image on Instagram that revealed a fun Marvel-ized Disney logo, which is somehow involved with the actress’ upcoming show, Agatha: Coven of Chaos.
The picture showcases a fun logo that says: The Darkhold Diaries. It’s unclear what exactly the words are on, but it could be a production chair backing minus the chair or simply a banner somewhere on set.
MarvelThe logo is a clear spoof of The Princess Diaries logo, even utilizing the same exact font.
MarvelFor those unfamiliar with the 2001 film, its poster can be seen below. The film starred Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews and follows a young woman who learns she’s the apparent heir to a throne.
DisneyWhen putting the two side-by-side, the similarities are undeniable, with the only big change being the colors.
The DirectWhat Coven of Chao’s Working Titles Could MeanWhile it’s unclear from the picture, the odds are that this logo is from a production chair backing. In January, another fun logo similar to the above The Darkhold Diaries was shown off.
Instead of riffing off of The Princess Diaries, however, it was to the tune of Mare of Easttown.
The DirectOdds are that these logos are nothing more than some fun inside jokes for the cast and crew to enjoy while they work on the production. 
Though, given WandaVision’s past influences with meta-humor, it’s hard to imagine that Agatha: Coven of Chaos, which is made up of a lot of the same creative team as Elizabeth Olsen‘s debut Disney+ series, will be devoid of the type of humor those logos feed into.
Fans have quite a ways to go before they can watch the witch-centric series. A new report shared how both Ironheart and Coven of Chaos are now expected to release in 2024.


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