A Notorious DC Movie Bomb Is Returning To HBO Max While Man Of Steel Is Still Missing

The most notorious DC movie failure of all time is set to land back on HBO Max on July 1, even though Superman fans can't watch Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel on the premium service. Ironically, the link between Shaquille O'Neal's cult DC movie Steel and Superman himself makes the release quirk feel even stranger. But at least it'll be a strong reminder of the weight of DC movie history that the new DCU reboot has to avoid when it relaunched with Superman: Legacy.
26 years after its 1997 release, Steel still holds the record for the highest second week box office drop for any comic book movie, after only taking $870,068 from 1,260 theaters initially. The supposed Superman spin-off - at least in terms of the character's DC comics origin - was a notorious critical bomb too, landing a 12% Rotten Tomatoes score. Criticism of Steel focused on poor casting, bad acting, terrible story choices (including removing any tangible link to Superman) and a difficult shooting schedule for the bomb.


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