Will Blue Beetle Finally Reboot The DC Universe For Real?

Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for The Flash movie.With the DC Universe on the verge of a total reset starting with Superman: Legacy, and canon confusion around Blue Beetle, will the upcoming stand-alone actually reboot the DCU? Comments from DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn have indicated the film will play a major role in his plans for reshaping the setting. However, it is unclear if the movie will bring about the new beginning that had been presumed to be coming through The Flash movie.
Despite having a legacy dating back to 1939, Blue Beetle remains relatively obscure to mainstream audiences. The upcoming DC Studios movie centers around the third incarnation of the Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes, a Texas teenager who accidentally became bonded to a strange scarab-shaped artifact that gave him an armored suit and the ability to create nearly any weapon he can imagine. While Jaime is one of the most popular new characters to come out of DC Comics in modern times and worthy of a solo film, it remains to be seen if his story will reboot the DC Universe.


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