Fan Maps Out Entire Marvel Movie Multiverse In Beautiful Timeline Infographic

The Marvel Movie Multiverse has become quite large, extending beyond the confines of the MCU. Connecting to both Sony's Spider-Man and Fox's X-Men franchises, it can be hard to keep track of everything as the interconnectivity continues to expand on an unprecedented level, becoming more and more layered on-screen. However, a new fan-created infographic lays everything out beautifully, displaying the entire Marvel continuity of interwoven realities and timelines with one handy visual.
Posted on Reddit and created by u/Breakingerr, this new Marvel Multiverse infographic shows which movies feed into other movies via multiverse connections, when characters from other realities are referenced such as cameos and/or appearances from their variants, and even connections based on the most prevalent theories. Additionally, the entire continuity culminates with 2027's Avengers: Secret Wars, the assumed major crossover event that will bring all the multiverse plots together in epic fashion. The brilliant graphic can be viewed below:
Close Layering the continuity by studio and then franchise is quite smart, especially considering the crossovers that start happening such Spider-Man: No Way Home or the upcoming Deadpool 3 releasing in 2024.


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