Star Wars Theory Reveals Rey Is More Than Just A Palpatine

A new Star Wars theory suggests that Rey Skywalker may be much more than just a descendant of Emperor Palpatine. Having been born from a genetic strand cast of Palpatine and the woman he fell in love with, Rey lost both her parents who left her on Jakku for her own safety. As such, she was unaware of her true heritage until years later, though there may be elements not even Rey knows about in the existing Star Wars canon.
Although Kylo Ren claimed that Rey came from nothing in The Last Jedi, the actual truth was revealed in the subsequent Rise of Skywalker. Born to Dathan and Miramir, Rey was sought by Emperor Palpatine who wanted her as a vessel for his dark side spirit. Despite living as anonymous junk traders on Jakku, Rey and her parents were discovered by Palpatine's Sith assassin Ochi of Bestoon all the same. Although Dathan and Miramir were killed, Rey remained hidden, left to grow up alone as a junk trader herself. However, there may be more to Rey's history beyond her connection to Emperor Palpatine via her father Dathan.


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