The Claim DC Wanted Christian Bale To Return As Batman In The Flash Has Been Clarified By The Rumor"s Source

Warning: This post contains spoilers for The Flash.For thousands of TikTok and Twitter users, for a while at least, Christian Bale was planned to return as Batman in The Flash. The suggestion - presented, in fact, as a confirmation by Kevin Smith - was hungrily picked up, both in disappointment at the missed opportunity and as a stick to beat The Flash with the kind of inevitability that only the sweetest "leaks" can manage. The only thing is, it was never real.
The quote in question from Kevin Smith gained traction thanks to a number of tweets and a carefully edited TikTok clip from Kevin Smith's Fatman Beyond review of The Flash. The rumor about The Flash's ending claimed that Smith said “[Warner Bros. Pictures] were asking Christian Bale [to return as Batman for The Flash] for months and months, hoping that he’d break down and he was like ‘no’ So, they were like ‘let’s pivot, let’s do another Batman’ and they just grabbed George Clooney," but removed the context Smith has now clarified:
Smith's comments about Christian Bale's return as Batman were never substantive insider claims, despite his relationship with DC film-makers. What he actually said clarifies exactly what he meant:
"I think there's a world where they hadn't shot that until like... two weeks ago. Like it feels like they were like it could be anybody and I'm sure they were asking Christian Bale for like months and months hoping that he'd break down and he was like no, so they're like all right let's pivot - let's do another Batman and they just grab George Clooney."


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