The Flash Concept Art Reveals 10 Alternate Batman Costumes That Didn"t Make The Multiverse

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for The Flash.A DC concept artist unveils several unused Batman suits Michael Keaton could have worn in The Flash. The Flash features updated takes on popular DC superhero suits, from Supergirl's variation on Superman's DCEU suit to Flash's sleek one-piece costume and an armored version of Ben Affleck's original Batman suit. Michael Keaton's Batman is the character with the least evident changes on his suit in The Flash, but there were still some ideas to overhaul the classic 1989 and 1992 Batsuits for the modern day.
On Twitter, comic book artist and illustrator Joe Quinones reveals various Batsuit designs he conceived while searching for the right look for Michael Keaton's Batman in The Flash. Quinones drew inspiration from Kenner's 1990s Batman action figure line, which put a bold spin on Tim Burton's gloomy yet minimalist vision. See the concept art below:
The extravagant details in most of Joe Quinones' Batsuit designs clearly reflect their action figure inspirations. Curiously, Quinones describes them as "the designs I did that are closest to what appears on screen", which suggests that the artist drew, or at least considered, even more bombastic Batsuits. Of course, it's unlikely for a live-action movie to feature Batman in such eccentric costumes, but it's interesting to see the lengths concept art can reach while exploring all the possibilities.


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