"This Is A Fairytale": Harrison Ford Knows Exactly Why Star Wars Was A Success

In an interview promoting the next Indiana Jones movie, actor Harrison Ford reveals he always knew Star Wars would succeed and the reasons why. Beyond playing the adventuring archeologist Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford's other major franchise role is the space-faring smuggler Han Solo, captain of the Millennium Falcon who becomes a central Rebellion hero who falls in love with Princess Leia. Although no one could have likely predicted that Star Wars would become one of the biggest franchises in cinematic history, Ford claims that he always knew the galaxy far, far away would be popular.
In an interview with Inquirer, Harrison Ford was asked if he initially thought Star Wars and Indiana Jones would be as big as they've become. Focusing on Star Wars in particular, Ford gives a great response that truly nails why Star Wars has continued to be such a phenomenon:
"Did I think they might be successful films? Yes—or I would have run away (laughs). It might have seemed odd to the British crew when we were making the first “Star Wars.” They might have said, “What’s going on here?” Like, there’s a seven-foot-tall man in a dog suit. There’s also a beautiful princess, a wise old warrior and a callow youth. Then, there’s a smartass—I know the part I play (laughs). And it’s fun!I thought, “This is a fairy tale.” This kind of story has always been successful, whether it’s a written or filmed fairy tale. At that point in my career, it didn’t matter to me that the film would become hugely successful and end up changing movie history...But I was grateful because it changed my life. I had opportunities that extended beyond director George Lucas’ and my success in making that film. It gave me freedom and opportunities that I never had imagined I might have."

Naturally, Ford's perspective about what Star Wars truly is at its core makes perfect sense. Despite being among the stars with a science-fiction backdrop, the Skywalker saga is ultimately a fairy tale of epic proportions.


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