Marvel Studios' 2023 Comic-Con Announcement Disappoints Fans

A new report revealed an unfortunate Marvel Studios update for this year"s San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC). 
In 2022, Marvel Studios had a game-changing panel that was capped off by the announcement of the next two Avengers films. As a result, the anticipation for the studio"s Hall H comeback is high this year. 
In May 2023, Echo star Alaqua Cox even confirmed that she will attend this year"s SDCC, indicating that Marvel Studios will at least have a presence. 
Marvel Studios" Discouraging SDCC Update Revealed MarvelVia The Wrap, Marvel Studios will reportedly not be holding a Hall H panel event at this year"s San Diego Comic-Con, which is set to be held July 20-23. 
The studio had a massive panel at last year"s Hall H, in which several new projects in the MCU"s Multiverse Saga were announced. 
According to the outlet, Marvel Studios will still have a presence on the convention floor, meaning there will be some news that comes from Comic-Con weekend.
It is unknown exactly why Marvel Studios is skipping such a major event at Comic-Con, but it"s likely that the recent halting of multiple MCU productions due to the ongoing writers" strike impacted the studio"s decision. 
This report led to disappointing reactions from fans. 
@ResonantJustice noted that the studio"s absence "makes sense" due to [the] writers" strike: 
"Makes sense because of the writers strike and the impending SAG strike."
@NikHellBlazer had an honest reaction to the news: 
"I"m gonna cry."
@Crusanerd pointed out that the Fantastic Four casting news might not be revealed anytime soon: 
"We’re gonna be in this Fantastic Four casting hell forever."
@dimensionjordyn admitted that Marvel Studios "don"t have much" to announce, thus explaining its absence: 
"they don"t have much to announce so I"m not surprised lol. everything"s delayed + the strike makes it so nothing new can be made yet."
This story is developing. Please check back for updates!


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