10 Easter Eggs Hiding In The Star Wars Outlaws Gameplay Reveal

Ubisoft surprised Star Wars fans everywhere when it revealed the stunning trailer for Star Wars Outlaws, but the surprises and treats didn’t stop there as shortly after, Ubisoft delighted fans by showing 10 minutes of gameplay at Ubisoft Forward. This gameplay not only demonstrated to players the mechanics of the new open-world game but was packed with Star Wars Easter eggs and references.
Aiming to release in 2024, Star Wars Outlaws will follow protagonist Kay Vess as she attempts to pull off the biggest heist the Outer Rim has ever seen. Joined along the way by cute companion Nix and the stoic ND-5, Kay will have to navigate the criminal underworld of the galaxy far, far away. The gameplay trailer showed some of what players can expect from this newest Star Wars adventure, along with some fun Easter eggs.


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