"Inflicting Pain Is The Only Way": Secret Invasion Star"s On Playing His Grounded MCU Villain

Secret Invasion star discusses his more grounded MCU villain and what motivates his actions. Gravik is at the heart of the Skrull conspiracy, leading them on their mission to take positions of power around the world. He also has a connection to Fury, tying back to the promise made to the Skrull during Captain Marvel.
Screen Rant caught up with Secret Invasion star Ben-Adir to discuss his character, Gravik. He explained the very human motivation for Gravik's hatred and dangerous actions. Ben-Adir also broke down the intricacies of creating a character that audiences will hate. Check out Ben-Adir's full quote below:
Kingsley Ben-Adir: I was mainly thinking about how to ground him in something that felt real, and what is that? What has to happen to someone to cause them to behave like that? What has to have happened to someone where they get to a point where blowing people up and inflicting pain is the only way they feel this experience can be meaningful. And people are doing it. There's a lot of information and history to draw from here. Sometimes you're like, "Oh, it's the MCU. It should be fun. It's all this." But I was like, those guys are gonna bring so much of the humor and those relationships. All those guys are going to sort that out.
Gravik's just about how do we create someone who holds that tension? How do we create a character that the audience feel like "Yo, someone needs to put a bullet in his head or lock him up." But also at the same time, there's a great opportunity to explore why he behaves like that, and I think we get to find out. Which is cool because without that it would be a little bit tricky. We get to find out.
A More Grounded MCU Villain In Secret Invasion Part of what is so fascinating about Gravik is that he can be traced back to Nick Fury's action in Captain Marvel. He and Captain Marvel agreed to help the Skrull, who were displaced by the Kree. However, Secret Invasion reveals that this is a promise they have been unable to keep, leading to resentment and rage, especially with Gravic. This threat to the world is a direct result of Nick Fury's own action, or rather, inaction.


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