Every Known Member Of Star Trek"s Section 31

Section 31 is one of Star Trek's most mysterious organizations, and there are only a handful of known members of the covert Starfleet Intelligence agency. First introduced in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the intelligence organization caught the attention of Dr. Julian Bashir (Alexander Siddig) and Captain Benjamin Sisko (Avery Brooks) during the Dominion War. Section 31 were effectively given carte blanche to use whatever means necessary to protect the Federation, resorting to attempted genocide and intervening in Romulan politics. Section 31 saw themselves above the Prime Directive, and would stop at nothing to achieve their goals.
Despite DS9 implying that Section 31 only surfaced during the Dominion War, Star Trek: Enterprise revealed that the organization had actually been around for almost as long as Starfleet itself. The secretive organization continue to make an impact on Star Trek canon, with a Michelle Yeoh-led Star Trek: Section 31 movie on the way. Section 31 also looks set to resurface in Star Trek's post-Dominion War timeline after adding a Star Trek: Lower Decks character to their extremely secretive ranks. This latest addition to Section 31 is just one of an expanding number of confirmed operatives.


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