How One Secret Invasion Character Could "Change The Outlook Of Everything" In The MCU

Secret Invasion star Kingsley Ben-Adir teases that his character, Gravik, could change the outlook of everything that is going to happen in the MCU. Secret Invasion is primed to have huge ramifications for the MCU, with long-time characters potentially revealed to be Skrull. It seems Gravik and his actions will tie back to the promise made by Captain Marvel and Nick Fury in Captain Marvel to find a Skrull a home — a promise that they have yet to fulfill.
During an exclusive interview with Screen Rant for Secret Invasion, Ben-Adir teased that Gravik is building a machine that could change everything about the MCU. He also hinted that Fury and Captain Marvel failing to help the Skrull find a new home could be key to his motivation. Ben-Adir shared that Gravik not only wants to create this chaos, but he wants Fury and Talos to see him doing it. Check out Ben-Adir's full quote below:
Kingsley Ben-Adir: On one level, he's creating a machinery that's going to change the outlook of everything that's going to happen in the MCU potentially. That's what Fury has to try and stop, but I think his motivation [is] really on a more personal level. Because if you think about the first episode, there was a few things in the script where he's doing this stuff; he's creating this chaos. But at the same time, there's something sick in him where he wants Fury to see him doing it. That kept coming up.
He obviously wants Fury and Talos to experience what he's doing just a little bit more, so I think it is pay back. I think it's like, "Now you eat my s--t because I ate yours for so long." I think it keeps him appropriately dark and makes him feel kind of real because I know a lot of people feel like that sometimes. A lot of people get bullied their whole life or take it their whole life, and go, "No more. Done." And I think that's Gravik. I think he's like, "Now I'm in charge."
How Secret Invasion Could Forever Change The MCU There are a number of ways that Secret Invasion could change the MCU. The most obvious is the revelation that established characters have been Skrull. This would completely change how every interaction they've had should be interpreted and begs a number of questions. Were they always Skrull? Who is the actual human they are impersonating and are they actually an ally? Why were they impersonating them?


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