6 MCU Actors & Connections In Chris Hemsworth"s Extraction 2

Netflix's Extraction 2 released chock-full of action and entertainment, but it is no surprise that the sequel film harbors several Marvel Cinematic Universe actors and connections. The new film in the Extraction franchise followed the 2020 debut movie of the same name and has continued its legacy as an engaging watch commanded by lead actor Chris Hemsworth. Already, news of a confirmed third installment has come to pass, proving the franchise an apparent Netflix success.
Despite mixed reviews at the franchise's inception, the first Extraction movie garnered over 90 million views in its first four weeks for the streaming platform (per Deadline). Certainly, it wouldn't come as a shock if the sequel film followed in the footsteps of its predecessor — Extraction 2 featured new and returning characters engaged in a thrilling, deadly conflict that drove the simple plot line and recalled the best parts of the first movie. Behind the scenes, director Sam Hargrave and the token Russo brothers also returned to guide Extraction 2 in the eminent direction of franchise success, all while rounding out a quasi-team of MCU familiars.


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