Secret Invasion Episode 1 Recap: 9 Most Shocking Reveals

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Secret Invasion season 1, episode 1.Secret Invasion episode 1 starts off Nick Fury's MCU show with some suitably shocking reveals, and with many moments that already contain major implications for the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole. Secret Invasion covers Fury's efforts to stop an attempt at destroying humanity set in motion to try and allow the Skrulls to take over the Earth afterwards. The stakes are high, especially for a post-Endgame Nick Fury, who is still dealing with the turmoil of the Snap and being a temporary casualty of it.
Given the Phase 5 MCU show is scheduled to have six episodes, events were bound to begin at a break-neck pace. That said, the continual revelations of Secret Invasion episode 1 are likely to surprise even the most prepared of viewers, as the show's premiere introduces new characters and explains what has happened to old characters since audiences last saw them while providing twists, turns, deaths, and betrayal into its first foray. As such, it's safe to say Secret Invasion has been well and truly set up as an action-packed series.
9 Everett Ross Is Revealed To Be A Skrull Secret Invasion episode 1 opens on a strong note, showing Everett Ross in a secret meeting with Agent Prescod, who is clearly immensely distrustful of others, seemingly to the point of paranoia. However, after following Martin Freeman's MCU character in the first scenes of the series, it's then shown that Prescod was clearly onto something, and that viewers have instead been watching a Skrull disguised as Ross attempting to steal confidential information regarding the impending dirty bomb plan the story then covers.


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