Skrulls Appear In Real-World News Broadcasts For Secret Invasion Marketing Stunt

Skrulls can be seen in real-world news segments across the United States for Secret Invasion’s latest marketing campaign. The show will bring Nick Fury back to the MCU, spotlighting him in his first solo project as he fights against a Skrull invasion. In the week leading up to the show’s release on Disney+, Marvel has dropped various clips teasing the show for its June 21 premiere. The studio has been promising that the series will be nothing like the MCU has ever seen, and they are already delivering on that promise with Secret Invasion’s unique marketing campaign.
Secret Invasion’s marketing has included tweets with redacted information and a cryptic password-locked website that leads to a trailer. In the latest marketing stunt, Skrulls have been spotted on-air in the background of various American news segments. In a list compiled by Reddit user BeefyCircus, Skrulls were seen walking behind newscasters in Dallas, Los Angeles, and Chicago, even appearing as a crew member in the “Windy City Weekend” studio. It’s rare for Marvel to do subtle real-world marketing like this, and the subject matter of Secret Invasion lends itself perfectly to this sort of campaign.


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