A Sony Spider-Man Spinoff Movie Loses Its 2024 Release Date

The most obscure character in Sony's Spider-Man Universe is getting his film delayed as El Muerto has lost its release date. In 2022, Sony Pictures revealed to the world that they were fleshing out their Spider-Man-inspired franchise with perhaps one of the more confusing characters in the web-slinger's lore, in the form of El Muerto. Starring Bad Bunny, the film will focus on the super-powered wrestler who fought Spider-Man in a wrestling charity event and was given a January 2024 release date.
However, it appears Sony Pictures is retooling its plans for El Muerto, as Screen Rant can confirm that the Marvel film has been taken off the release schedule. At the time of this story's publication, El Muerto has not been given a new release date. This move comes shortly after reports that El Muerto's filming date was eying a start in the fall.


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