Why Palpatine Really Needed Grand Admiral Thrawn: Genius Star Wars Theory Improves The Saga

A new Star Wars theory suggests the real reason why Emperor Palpatine valued Grand Admiral Thrawn to such a large degree. A brutally efficient and creative tactician who saw more than his fellow Imperial officers ever could, Grand Admiral Thrawn was highly favored by the Emperor. However, the deeper reason as to why Palpatine really needed Thrawn likely comes from the natural patterns of galactic conflict seen in the Star Wars continuity.
A blue-skinned Chiss from the planet Csilla, Thrawn's homeworld is located in the uncharted territory of space known as the Unknown Regions, existing beyond the Outer Rim. Originally a member of the Chiss Ascendancy, Thrawn ventured to the known galaxy to offer his allegiance to Palpatine at the dawn of the Empire, believing that an alliance with the new regime would greatly benefit his people. Seeing Thrawn's gifted intelligence, Palpatine clearly saw that Thrawn would be an asset. However, he also had a keen interest in Thrawn's knowledge of the Unknown Regions, likely coming from his understanding of Star Wars' history.


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