12 Deleted Star Wars Scenes We Wish Hadn"t Been Cut

The Star Wars franchise’s various films and television shows include a plethora of deleted scenes and concepts, but many of these scenes arguably should have remained in their respective projects. In both the canon and Legends continuities, the Star Wars franchise includes materials in all possible mediums, but the central storyline to the two timelines is the Skywalker saga, consisting of the original and prequel trilogies for the Legends continuity and an additional three saga films that belong exclusively to the post-2014 canon. While most of the Skywalker saga’s deleted scenes were perhaps correctly left out of the final cuts, several notable scenes would have benefited the characters and lore.
Star Wars canon and Legends tend to revive rejected concepts in later works sooner or later, with unused character designs and planets usually turning up. That also applies to deleted scenes, which can often be found in their respective films’ novelizations or other adaptations. This often provides extended or even recontextualized iterations of the Star Wars films, proving that some deleted scenes ought to have remained in the final cuts of the films. Here are the Star Wars Skywalker saga’s 12 deleted scenes that perhaps should not have been cut.


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