Seth Rollins' New Marvel Role Will Force Him to Miss WWE Events (Report)

Thanks to a prominent role as a Marvel villain in the MCU"s upcoming 2024 blockbuster Captain America: New World Order, WWE superstar Seth Rollins is set to miss some major events.
Captain America 4 will feature Rollins as the latest WWE personality to jump into comic book movies, joining names like Guardians of the Galaxy"s Dave Bautista, Peacemaker"s John Cena, and Black Adam"s Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.
While the other aforementioned names have mostly left the WWE in the rear-view mirror, Rollins remains as prominent of a face as any for the wrestling brand while he looks to star alongside Anthony Mackie and Harrison Ford in Marvel"s Phase 5 outing.
Seth Rollins Missing WWE Events for MarvelAs part of wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer"s latest newsletter from the Wrestling Observer, via Wrestlemania"s website, WWE star Seth "Freakin" Rollins will miss the next week of filming for Monday Night Raw after already missing the week of May 15.
Due to his role in Marvel Studios" Captain America: New World Order, Rollins had to film a pretaped segment before heading to Atlanta to join his new MCU costars:
"Rollins was off "Raw" this week and next week, so they did a pretape segment, because he was filming the movie "Captain America: New World Order." The movie is currently filming in Atlanta for a release next May"
While Rollins" role in Captain America 4 is still unknown, set pictures have shown him donning a slick black leather jacket with his long blonde locks draped over his shoulders. He"s rumored to be playing a member of the Serpent Society, who will be secondary villains in this sequel alongside Tim Blake Nelson"s Leader:
How Will Seth Rollins Add to Marvel Story?Although Seth Rollins is still a massive name in the wrestling world, he"s about to make his presence felt for an even wider audience as he joins the latest addition to Captain America"s story in the MCU.
While Rollins" specific character is still a mystery, he"s said to be part of the Serpent Society, which will be assembled under the efforts of Julia Louis-Dreyfus" Valentina Allegra di Fontaine.
This team is rumored to be in search of the MCU"s take on Adamantium, with Val gaining more power behind the scenes before she takes on more of a leading role in Thunderbolts.
The big question now is whether Rollins" role in Captain America 4 is a one-time thing or if it will lead to more opportunities, especially considering there are no signs pointing to which Marvel character he"s bringing to life.
Captain America: New World Order will debut in theaters on May 3, 2024.


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