The DCEU"s Wonder Woman Mistakes Are Already Being Fixed (Without Wonder Woman 3)

The DC Universe's Wonder Woman prequel Paradise Lost will likely put more focus on a key element that the DCEU forgot about. Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman is a crucial part of the DC Extended Universe given her roles in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice League, and her two Wonder Woman solo movies. However, there's a lot of potential in Wonder Woman's DC lore that the franchise didn't explore to the fullest.
Wonder Woman isn't just a main member of the Justice League. She's also Amazon royalty, Zeus' daughter, an important figure in DC's version of Greek mythology, and one of many female warriors such as Donna Troy, Nubia, Yara Flor, and Artemis of Bana-Mighdall. Besides, she has starred in many stories far away from the world of men. In fact, Wonder Woman's homeland, Themyscira a.k.a. Paradise Island, is just as important to her story as the human world, if not more — which is why it requires a bigger role in the DC Universe.
Paradise Lost Can Fix The DCEU's Wonder Woman & Themyscira Mistakes Wonder Woman accurately established Themyscira as a utopian island inhabited exclusively by warrior women. However, it was quickly left behind once Diana Prince met Steve Trevor, after which Wonder Woman made little to no effort to return home. From that point on, there were very few well-developed female characters surrounding Wonder Woman, and the men around her kept seeing her as an object of attraction. With a fantastical land full of strong female characters somewhere in the background, the DCEU missed the opportunity to tell an innovative story starring Wonder Woman and her supporting cast of Amazons.
Instead of rebooting Wonder Woman with a new actor right away, the DC Universe will take its time to develop Themyscira in the Paradise Lost prequel series, which will serve as a prelude to Wonder Woman's DCU story. Even with minimal information about Paradise Lost revealed so far, the fact that the show is set in Themyscira already improves on Wonder Woman's big-screen story, as it promises to take full advantage of her unique background and make the Amazons a central part of the franchise. Since its creation, Themyscira's appeal lies on its isolation from the world of men, so focusing on the Amazons may finally do the iconic DC location justice.


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