10 Ways Voyager Turned Janeway Into Star Trek"s Most Badass Admiral

  • Captain Janeway prioritizes the safety and return of her crew above all else, even disregarding Starfleet's Prime Directive, showing her commitment to protecting all life.
  • Janeway believes in the potential for good in others, recruiting Tom Paris from a penal colony and refusing to give up on Borg drone Seven of Nine, demonstrating her belief in people's capacity to grow and change.
  • Janeway consistently makes difficult sacrifices for the greater good, sacrificing herself, her ship, and her timeline in order to restore the proper timeline and save her crew in the face of temporal war with the Krenim Imperium.
On Star Trek: Voyager, the unprecedented seven-year journey of the USS Voyager through the Delta Quadrant turns Captain Kathryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) into all of Starfleet in one package, and a total badass. Without the support from Starfleet that its captains usually rely on, Janeway alone must be the Federation's sole ambassador, negotiator, tactician, and explorer, and maintain her promise to return the crew of Voyager safely to the Alpha Quadrant at all costs. She leads with the core tenets of personal sacrifice, belief in people's potential, the value of scientific exploration and cultural exchange, and above all else, the protection of the people in her care as they take the long way back to the Alpha Quadrant.While Captain Janeway's earliest decisions in the Delta Quadrant reflect a commitment to Federation ideals above all else, her own distinct moral code emerges as Voyager's journey progresses. Janeway prioritizes the safety and return of her crew first and foremost, above even Starfleet's Prime Directive, and this commitment means she starts to take risks with single-minded determination to beat the odds. She's the reason they're in the Delta Quadrant, and she places enormous pressure on herself to also be the reason they get back home. Her return sees her promotion to Admiral, with a continued willingness to buck tradition as she commands the USS Dauntless in Star Trek: Prodigy.


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