10 Best Unused DC Movie & Show Concept Art Designs That Could Have Been Truly Great

  • The concept art phase of DC superhero movies offers fascinating glimpses into abandoned ideas, alternate designs, and pitches that never came to be.
  • Unused concept art reveals that DC had plans for Kryptonian war dogs in "Man of Steel," Scarecrow in "Suicide Squad," and a different DC Trinity battle in "Batman v Superman."
  • Concept art also showcases missed opportunities, such as the interaction between Joker and Batman in "Suicide Squad" and the creation of a boom tube by Enchantress in the film.
The concept art phase of any superhero movie is often quite fascinating, and this is very much true for movies in the DC Universe. Whether it's abandoned ideas that never made it to the final cut, alternate designs for characters and costumes, or even pitches for films that never came to be, DC movie concept art has it all. As such, various pieces can still be found online, offering glimpses of what might have been.
With the DCEU set to end with Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, a rebooted DCU from James Gunn and Peter Safran is in the works that will soon begin with Superman: Legacy as its first big movie in 2025. However, it's still fun to look back to see what the DCEU originally had planned across its various films through revealed concept art. To that end, here are 10 of the best unused DC concept art designs that could have been truly great.


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