The DCU’s Suicide Squad Reboot Could Finally Use A Canceled DCEU Plan

  • One of the unused DCEU Suicide Squad ideas included Scarecrow as a character, with concept art showcasing his iconic design, but he didn't make it into the final film.
  • The DC Universe could benefit from including Scarecrow in a Suicide Squad reboot, especially with the potential for mind-bending fight scenes with his fear toxin.
  • Despite the criticism of the first Suicide Squad movie, the franchise course-corrected with 2021's The Suicide Squad and its spin-off series Peacemaker, proving that the team could be a popular fixture in the new DC Universe and introduce multiple characters simultaneously.
The DCEU's Suicide Squad abandoned one plan that would be great for the upcoming DC Universe. 2016's Suicide Squad initially generated a lot of excitement from DC fans thanks to the movie's dynamic trailers; however, that led to the studio deciding to make major changes to the film to make it more similar to the tone of the trailers, resulting in lackluster reception for the actual instalment upon release. Suicide Squad has been subject to a degree of controversy since, as director David Ayer has expressed displeasure for the number of cut Suicide Squad scenes he shot for the film that ended up on the cutting room floor to facilitate the studio's tweaked final version.
That decision made by the studio has turned into a movement for the Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad to be released, with the director supporting it. However, before all of this, the director had already abandoned a few of the ideas he had explored for his version of the Suicide Squad, which included some classic DC villains that could have made their way into the film. One particular character choice for Ayer's Suicide Squad would've reimagined an already popular DC movie character, who subsequently didn't appear in the DCEU movie timeline after being cut. However, the new DC Universe could explore that possibility in a possible Suicide Squad reboot.


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