The MCU Set Up An Iconic Thor 5 Villain 5 Years Ago

  • Thor 5 could bring the series to a fitting close, with a terrifying villain from Marvel Comics continuing the themes of family and the burden of power.
  • The MCU has already teased the backstory of the potential villain Mangog in Thor: Ragnarok, highlighting Odin's violent past and the consequences of his actions.
  • If Mangog appears in Thor 5, it will provide the perfect challenge for Thor, forcing him to confront his father's wrongdoings and embrace his role as a leader, ultimately showcasing that he is more than just a violent warrior.
It's unclear if Marvel Studios has plans for Thor 5, but if the God of Thunder is returning for another solo project, the MCU already set up the perfect villain half a decade ago. The end of Thor: Love and Thunder confirmed that Thor will be seen again in the MCU, but it's not clear what that means. Thor stands as the only character to get four solo projects, and while a fifth is possible, there's a chance he's only seen in team-up movies moving forward. However, if Thor 5 does happen, a terrifying villain from Marvel Comics would bring the series to a thematically fitting close.
While the first four Thor movies vary wildly in tone, one constant through-line that the projects share is a focus on family and the responsibility of wielding power. In their own ways, each film explores ideas surrounding the burden of leadership, the struggle of finding one's purpose, the relationship between leader and subject, and how family can make all that even more complicated. While several of Thor's iconic villains from Marvel Comics have already made their way to the MCU, one remains that can continue these themes and bring Thor's personal journey to a satisfying end.
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