Chris Hemsworth Admits $750M Thor Sequel Became "Too Silly" After Critical Backlash

Chris Hemsworth has responded to the critical backlash about Thor: Love and Thunder that the Marvel Cinematic Universe sequel became too silly. One of the most highly anticipated films in Phase 4 was Thor: Love and Thunder, which was the first time an original Avenger got their fourth solo movie. While Thor: Love and Thunder pulled in $750 million dollars at the worldwide box office, the Phase 4 installment received mixed reviews, with the tone being one of the most criticized aspects of the film.
In a recent with GQ, Hemsworth addressed those criticisms in regards to Thor: Love and Thunder's silly tone. Similar to the critics, the Australian MCU veteran agreed that his Thor sequel "had too much fun." This comes almost a year after Hemsworth stressed that his MCU return would require a significant change of tone. The actor shared the following:
I think we just had too much fun. It just became too silly. It’s always hard being in the centre of it and having any real perspective… I love the process, it’s always a ride. But you just don’t know how people are going to respond.


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