James Gunn Responds To Him Being Made DC Canon In The Flash

James Gunn responds to officially being DC canon in The Flash movie as a big reference to the filmmaker is spotted in a trailer. After being stuck in development for several years, Barry Allen is finally getting his solo movie released in theaters this summer with The Flash, starring Ezra Miller as the DC icon. As The Flash will tap into the multiverse, the DCEU installment will also feature cameos and nods to past DC content.
However, it also appears that filmmakers are getting included in the cameo-fest, as Gunn reacted to one of his Scooby Doo films being shown in Barry's bedroom in The Flash trailers. This is specifically from the young Barry's childhood bedroom, as the setting is somewhere in the 2000s.
While The Flash will obviously not make any major references to Gunn, it's still fun to know that in the DCEU, the Guardians of the Galaxy director and now head of DC Studios exists as an actual person. If fans look closer, there are posters of other films that were actually released by Warner Bros.


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