10 Most Powerful Heroes In James Gunn"s DC Universe (So Far)

James Gunn’s DC Universe already features some of the most powerful DC characters, many of which never appeared in the DCEU. Superman: Legacy, Gunn’s upcoming Superman reboot, will be the start of a new DC Universe. It is still unclear which actors from the original DCEU will return in the new franchise. Regardless, Gunn’s DC franchise is a reboot that will introduce several new characters.
DC Universe’s Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters refers to the initial slate of movies and TV shows produced by DC Studios. The upcoming DC slate includes reboots of established characters, such as Superman: Legacy and The Brave and The Bold, as well as projects centered on lesser-known names. Here are the 10 strongest superheroes in James Gunn’s DC Universe so far.
10 Booster Gold Michael Carter may not have any superpowers, but Booster Gold’s suit and tech make him one of the most powerful heroes in the new DC Universe so far. While not much is known about the upcoming Booster Gold TV show, it is safe to assume that the DC Universe will keep Booster Gold’s origin story and set of powers. As such, Michael Carter is expected to have a power suit that grants him super strength, enhanced stamina, the ability to create energy fields, and the ability to shoot energy blasts. In addition to all of those powers, Booster Gold can time travel. Therefore, despite his non-serious personality, Booster Gold cannot be overlooked.
9 Eric Frankenstein There are a couple of versions of the Frankenstein monster in DC Comics, and Eric Frankenstein will now join James Gunn’s DC Universe in Creature Commandos. The Creature Commandos can be described as a Suicide Squad of monsters, and Eric Frankenstein is set to be one of its strongest members. Firstly, Eric Frankestein is only technically alive, which means that he technically cannot die. In addition, DC’s Frankenstein creature has super strength and super durability, which makes him a perfect weapon. Eric Frankestein is also extremely qualified in hand-to-hand combat and the use of weapons.
8 The Bride The Bride of Frankenstein, who will also be in the DC Universe’s Creature Commandos show, has a similar set of powers to that of Eric Frankenstein. The Bride has superhuman strength, super durability, and extended stamina. Similar to Eric Frankenstein, the Bride is immortal, as she is technically a zombie. That makes her a valuable asset for SHADE, or in this case, ARGUS. Perhaps the only advantage that the Bride of Frankenstein has over Eric is her extra pair of arms. It is difficult to say how Eric Frankenstein and the Bride’s powers will be translated to the screen in Creature Commandos. However, in terms of comics, they should be among Chapter 1’s strongest characters.
7 The Doctor James Gunn’s DC Universe is bringing the Authority to the big screen for the first time since the team debuted in the WildStorm comics. Which characters will be part of The Authority’s lineup has yet to be revealed. However, it is safe to assume that Jeroen Thornedike, the Doctor, will be part of it. The Authority’s “Doctor” is more of a title than a superhero name, and it is passed down from one Shaman of Earth to another. Whenever the Doctor dies, he reincarnates in the form of a new Doctor, but with a twist. The new Doctor has the powers of all previous Doctors.


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