Jedi & Sith Battle In Stunning Star Wars Cosplay

A Star Wars cosplay has taken the classic Jedi vs. Sith battle to the next level by recreating a fan-favorite Jedi alongside a mysterious Sith. Lightsaber duels are always the most exciting aspect of the Star Wars franchise, embodying the eternal struggle between good and evil, the light side and the dark. Talented cosplayers are constantly offering their interpretation and end up creating some of the most incredible Jedi vs. Sith battles. A recent Star Wars cosplay deserves special recognition for recreating a TV character, adding something new, and photographing everything with exceptional detail.
The Rogue Rebels took to Twitter to share their fantastic cosplay of Kanan Jarrus from Star Wars Rebels alongside a brand new Sith Lord. Kanan looks like hopped right from animation to live action, and the shot appears to have captured the combatants right in the middle of a highly elaborate lightsaber duel.
Mike Longo photographed the shot beautifully with the rain, dark skies, and lush greenery placing the characters on the perfect planet to have an epic showdown. It was also an interesting choice to create a new Sith rather than using an Inquisitor, and having the character's back turned to the camera gives them a sense of mystique.
Should Kanan Jarrus Return To Star Wars? With Kanan Karrus' continued popularity and the return of other Star Wars Rebels characters in the Ahsoka show, this raises whether he should return to Star Wars as well. Bringing Star Wars characters back for more stories is nothing new, but Kanan's voice actor Freddie Prinze Jr. offered an interesting perspective on the matter. Prinze was already wary of voicing Kanan again, even for his brief cameo in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, as he felt that bringing the character back too many times would dilute his impact. While this isn't the case for every returning Star Wars character, Prinze's comments do have a bit of truth in them.


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