Captain America 4"s New Title Explained: Brave New World Teases BIG Comics Story In The MCU

The new title of Sam Wilson's next journey - Captain America: Brave New World - could tease a big comic story for the MCU. Originally announced at San Diego as Captain America: New World Order, the project was set to continue the story of Sam Wilson. After coming to terms with taking on the mantle of Captain America during The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Captain America: New World Order was set to explore exactly what awaited the new Cap in his first solo outing.
However, following the first official set photo being released by Marvel Studios, the title of Captain America 4 was changed to Brave New World. While the change is minimal, there is still a chance it could hint at the potential story for the 2024 MCU project. With the new title, Captain America: Brave New World, linking to a specific Marvel Comics story, here is everything the Captain America 4 title change could mean for the upcoming film.


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