Picard’s New Enterprise Breaks Star Trek’s Bigger Is Better Myth

Star Trek: Picard season 3's finale rechristened the USS Titan-A as the USS Enterprise-G, which breaks the myth that the bigger the Enterprise is, the better. Picard season 3 was essentially the origin of the newest Starship Enterprise and the rise of its Captain, Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan). The previous Titan was a Luna Class starship but the Titan-A was remodeled as a Constitution III Class (or Neo Constitution Class) starship. It's now clear the Titan was always meant to become the new Enterprise as the hero ship of Picard's proposed spinoff, Star Trek: Legacy.
Star Trek: Picard production designer Dave Blass recently Tweeted a size comparison chart of the Starfleet ships present during season 3's doomed Frontier Day celebration.
According to the chart, which also includes Galaxy Class ships like USS Enterprise-D, Sovereign Class ships like the USS Enterprise-E, and Odyssey Class ships like the USS Enterprise-F, it's clear that at 1839 feet in length, the Constitution III Class Enterprise-G is little more than half the size of its immediate predecessor, the Odyssey Class Enterprise-F, which was decommissioned following Frontier Day. But why should a smaller Enterprise be a problem?


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