Natalie Portman"s Thor Filming Story Makes Ragnarok"s Play More Meta Than We Realized

Natalie Portman's story about filming Thor makes the gag play in Thor: Ragnarok more meta. In 2017, director Taika Waititi took over the God of Thunder's MCU franchise for an overhaul. Thor: Ragnarok revitalized the film series and introduced some new elements, including Asgard's now-signature dramatic plays.
In a new interview with GQ, Portman reveals how similar her experience filming the previous Thor movies to Thor: Ragnarok's hilarious plays. Watch the video below:
Having appeared in the first two Thor films, Portman actually skipped Thor: Ragnarok, but she did return in Thor: Love and Thunder. Despite this, she knows enough of Marvel Studios' process when filming big movies, including the difficulty of dealing with all the casts' varying schedules, saying:
I also feel like so much of it is funny because they had trouble with, like schedules, that a lot of people weren't there at the same time, so we'd also be like doing scenes with some guy that looked a lot like Anthony Hopkins but wasn't Anthony Hopkins but wearing his wig and costume and saying his lines.


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