The Flash: 12 Questions We Have Leading Into The Series Finale

Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for The Flash season 9.
Many questions must be answered before The Flash finale and the end of the Arrowverse. The Flash had an impressive run of nine seasons on The CW, serving as the anchor of the network's line-up for many years and as the heart of the shared setting of superhero shows commonly known as the Arrowverse. However, with the series coming to a close and the Arrowverse seemingly ending with it, there are still many mysteries that must be solved before the final episode ends.
The four-part finale of The Flash, "A New World," offered a look back at the past of the series and a look into the future of the Arrowverse, as Barry Allen was depowered and pulled across time by the Negative Speed Force. The penultimate episode ended with the resurrected Eddie Thawne agreeing to become the new avatar of the Negative Speed Force, giving in to his own anger over how pointless his death had been. This set up a fateful confrontation between the two rivals for Iris West's affection while raising several questions needing answers.


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