Every Live Action Captain America Suit, Ranked

First appearing in Marvel Comics in 1941, Captain America is a symbol of all true American values: honesty, loyalty, humility, courage, and integrity. As a result, his suit needs to be a shining beacon of hope for not just Americans but all the world over. Each live-action adaptation of the iconic Marvel superhero has had its own take on Captain America's recognizable suit.
Captain America first appeared in live-action in 1944, and since then, 14 different versions of his suit have been designed, including the most recent one for Marvel Studios' upcoming Captain America: New World Order. Although time is often a factor in the design of Captain America's apparel, there's always a consistent color motif of the red, white, and blue of the United States' flag. From the baggy costume, to the sleek uniform, to the fugitive Captain America's darker attire, each suit has its little quirks to talk about.
14 Dick Purcell's Captain America Suit (1944) The first of Captain America's live-action outings put Dick Purcell in the role of Captain America in a low-budget serial film. The film's low cost was immediately evident in the suit's distinct lack of a shield and ear wings. Without the big star on the chest or the name in the title, it would be hard to call Purcell's Grant Gardner "Captain America". Released in 1944 and filmed in black-and-white, the colors of Captain America's suit aren't pronounced. While it is a bit lackluster, especially in comparison with later iterations, the suit is fine for the period but doesn't stand the test of time.
13 Turkish Captain America's Suit (1973) Released in 1973, the obscure Turkish cult superhero film, 3 Dev Adam (translated as Three Mighty Men), saw Captain America make a very unauthorized appearance, portrayed by Ayketin Akkaya. From the budget, one can immediately tell that's the case. But, credit where credit is due, filmmakers T. Fikret Uçak and Dogan Tamer did get the colors pretty close to the original, along with the basic design pattern as well. The belt, however, is new, and the suit, unfortunately, featured no wings or shield once again, which is strange considering they've been mainstays of Captain America's costume since his first Marvel Comics appearance.
12 Reb Brown's Captain America Suit (1979) CBS developed two Captain America made-for-TV films in 1979, starring Reb Brown as Steve Rogers, a.k.a. Captain America, the first time Rogers had been adapted into live-action. The CBS suit is the first live-action suit to actually deliver the iconic wings and shield. However, there are still a few bumps in translating the hero from page to screen. Rogers' helmet is oversized, and the shield is made of plastic - a far cry from the vibranium alloy it's originally composed of. At one point, the shield even folds in half in the middle of battle, though the vibrant colors of the costume are apt for the time period.
11 Steve Rogers' Propaganda Suit (2011) Marvel Studios introduced Chris Evans as the MCU's Steve Rogers in Captain America: The First Avenger, and his first suit following his transformation acted as a brilliant callback to the classic Captain America suit from Marvel Comics. Fit with the stars-and-stripes and typically-shaped shield, this version still looks better than the actual 1940s version of the costume. Although meant purely for propaganda in the MCU, not for actual battle, Rogers does wear a part of this costume during his first mission to save Bucky Barnes. Even so, this suit would be hard-pressed to hold up for actual combat.


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