Fast X Star’s Disparaging MCU Comment Sparks Debate Over Which Franchise Is More Tired

Michelle Rodriguez's comments about the Marvel Cinematic Universe starts an online debate about which franchise is more tired after the release of Fast X. The Fast Saga inches closer to its culmination with the release of its 10th main movie. Despite plans to end it, however, Vin Diesel's comments about continuing it beyond the 12th film have garnered various opinions.
This also brings back an old interview from Rodriguez, wherein she essentially says that she's tired of the MCU. Her comment has sparked an online debate, and some of the responses to her quote can be seen below:
As seen in the comments, there are people from both sides of the conversation who make great points. While The Fast Saga has been around longer, they have significantly fewer projects than the MCU. However, at least Marvel's cast rotate for different shows/movies, and their genres also change, allowing for variety.


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