The Flash Season 9 Finally Paid Off A Season 7 Villain Tease

Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for The Flash season 9, episode 12, "A New World, Part Three."A tease of the obscure DC Comics villain Chronarch finally saw some payoff in the penultimate episode of The Flash season 9. This resolved one of the few outstanding plot threads regarding The Flash's future. It also seemed to suggest that there was a grand battle with multiple superheroes that might have been the final epic Arrowverse crossover before unexpected series cancelations got in the way.
The plot of The Flash season 9, episode 12, "A New World, Part 3," found Barry Allen lost in time, depowered by the Negative Speed Force and forcibly transported to the future of 2049. It was here that his daughter Nora "XS" West-Allen, the newly appointed leader of Team Flash, had just won her final victory over the Chronarch. Reference was also made to 2049 having been a wild year, due to "the Chronarch Wars and helping the Savothian freedom fighters." This mention of an alien race alongside the Chronarch name-drop implied that the fight in question was a battle on a grand scale.


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