Strange New Worlds" 10 Episode Seasons Aren"t Enough, Says Showrunner

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds showrunner Akiva Goldsman explains why he doesn't think each season's 10-episode order is enough. Strange New Worlds returns for season 2 on Paramount+ on June 15th. The prequel about the USS Enterprise commanded by Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount) received critical and fan acclaim, earning a 99% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The highly-anticipated season 2 will continue Strange New Worlds' wildly successful modernization of Star Trek: The Original Series' episodic, planet-of-the-week format.
In an interview with SFX Magazine about Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season 2, Akiva Goldsman elaborated on the interesting challenge Strange New Worlds faces, in that the showrunner finds only having a 10-episode order per season isn't enough for the wide variety of stories they want to tell. Goldsman wishes he had the same 24 episodes per season order Star Trek shows in the 1990s had. Read his quote below:
"Honestly, Strange New Worlds is the only show I've ever been on where I've yearned for double the episodes. When you're in the writer's room breaking the season, we have 10 more good ones. We discard 10 that are as good as the 10 we keep because we just don't have the space for it. You sort of wish it was back to the old 24-episodes-a-season with this show, because there's so much you can do."


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