Loki Season 2: First Look at Owen Wilson's Bizarre New Costume on Display (Photo)

Disney revealed another new look at Owen Wilson"s Loki Season 2 costume. 
While it"s certainly a departure from Mobius" signature skinny ties and sport coats, this in-person preview provided new hints about what"s to in-store when Season 2 premieres October 6 on Disney+.
New Look at Mobius" Season 2 SuitAt Disney"s Upfront event, a promotional display revealed a look at Owen Wilson"s bizarre new threads for Loki"s sophomore season. 
TwitterThis isn"t the first time MCU fans have seen this particular costume as the design was already shown in Season 2 promotional art. 
Marvel StudiosStill, this display offered a view of the actual, physical costume while also revealing it"s called a "Temporal Suit."
How Owen Wilson"s Loki Costume Connects to Season 1 Why Mobius, and only Mobius, is wearing a TVA Temporal Suit is unknown. 
However, it"s worth noting that Season 1 of Loki referenced an individual"s temporal aura more than once. 
In the series" first episode, Loki passed through a TVA temporal aura-detection machine, which produced a photograph of his aura.
Also, in that same episode, Mobius had Hunter U-92 run the Kablooie pack of gum for "any hints of temporal aura," suggesting that a temporal aura is how Variants are tracked. 
If so, perhaps Mobius is wearing a TVA Temporal Suit to avoid being detected. Or, it has something to do with why Loki was seemingly unwell and being ripped through time unwell in the show"s D23 Expo trailer. 
There"s also the undeniable resemblance between Mobius" suit and that of an astronaut.
Marvel StudiosLike Thor, Loki seems to have no trouble when it comes to space. And if this season takes them into the cosmos, perhaps Mobius will need a little help.
Since Marvel Studios has shown this costume more than once, fans likely will get a better idea of its purpose in upcoming series teasers and trailers. 
Loki Season 2 premieres Friday, October 6 on Disney+ 


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