Veteran James Gunn Actor Pitches Themselves For A New DC Universe Role

With the upcoming DC Universe in the works from DC Studios, one of James Gunn's frequent collaborators pitches themselves for a new role. As Gunn is working on the DC Universe with Peter Safran, several films and TV shows are in the works, as DC Studios aim to run a proper interconnected universe. With Gunn having worked on the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy, numerous actors have come over to the DCEU, with many set to continue playing their roles in the new DC Universe.
One of Gunn's collaborators, Chukwudi Iwuji, has already taken part in Gunn's Peacemaker TV show and recently portrayed the High Evolutionary in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. However, the actor is ready to work with Gunn again and has a specific role in mind in the DC Universe. In an interview with Comic Book, the Nigerian-British star shared that he would love to portray Etrigan the Demon in Gunn's upcoming franchise, sharing the following:
I can't believe I'm forgetting the name, but there's a sorcerer... He comes from the days of Merlin and he lives today, right now, and he sort of has a demon inside of him that comes out... [Interviewers provide the name] Yes! Etrigan! In fact I was talking to a friend about it: I was like 'This character... this is Jeykll and Hyde in the DC world," Iwuji continued. "So Etrigan. If you told me to name one it would be Etrigan. Like I just love the idea of having two people existing in one. That'd be my DC one. Etrigan.


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