10 Things That Change How You Watch Star-Lord"s Controversial Infinity War Scene

Star-Lord’s controversial Avengers: Infinity War scene is still being debated to this day, but several things in the MCU may change how it’s viewed. The MCU is well past the Infinity Saga, with the main threat now being the multiverse and most of the consequences of the Blip being resolved. However, Star-Lord’s decision to punch Thanos in Infinity War still draws up debate about his role in the fate of the universe.
When the Avengers on Titan were fighting Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, there was a crucial Star-Lord moment that many debated cost the Avengers the battle. Peter Quill punches Thanos in a fit of rage after learning that the Mad Titan sacrificed Gamora for the Soul Stone, loosening Mantis’ grip and freeing Thanos. On first watch, Star-Lord’s moment of anger is what costs the team the Infinity Gauntlet and subsequently leads to the Snap. However, the scene has since been given new context that may change what the scene means to the MCU.


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