The Flash Series Finale Trailer Teases Ultimate Speedster Showdown

The Arrowverse's ultimate speedster showdown gets previewed in The Flash series finale trailer, with Barry Allen's final battle coming up next week. After starring as the fastest man alive for a decade, Grant Gustin is officially reaching the finish line with The Flash bringing an end to the Earth-Prime side of the Arrowverse. Throughout the last few episodes, The CW drama has been focusing heavily on Eddie Thawne's return after he died in The Flash season 1 only to now be alive again in season 9.
Following the airing of this week's episode, The CW (via TV Promos) ran a trailer for The Flash series finale. Titled "A New World, Part Four," the footage gives a first look at the Arrowverse's biggest speedster showdown of all time.
Throughout the trailer, it gives a first look at the return of Savitar, Zoom, and Reverse-Flash, as well as a proper debut of Rick Cosnett's Cobalt Blue costume. The Flash series finale footage also sees John Wesley Shipp back as Jay Garrick as he makes his final Arrowverse appearance in this episode.


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