10 Weirdest Star Wars Stories Of All Time

Star Wars has had its fair share of odd stories, but a few of them are undoubtedly the weirdest in the entire franchise. Being weird is not inherently bad, sometimes leading to wonderfully creative new stories, but other times it leads to disaster. Either way, weird stories make an impression and leave a lasting impact on the saga, for good or bad. Some Star Wars stories are so bizarre that it can be hard to believe they existed, or that some weird ideas were entertained in the development stage. Star Wars has always been weird since its first movie, but some stories take their weirdness to the extreme.
Even so, these stories can be a refreshing way to revisit the Star Wars saga from a new perspective. Most major franchises tend to become repetitive, and Star Wars has certainly been guilty of this, especially regarding Disney-era films. It can be nice to experience unique ideas from creatives who approached Star Wars differently, even if the outcome was less than ideal. However, 10 of the weirdest Star Wars stories managed to be highly entertaining and whimsical in execution, all while bringing new ideas that expanded the saga in a meaningful way.
10 Ewoks: The Battle For Endor The sequel to Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure, Ewoks: The Battle for Endor somehow managed to be even weirder than its predecessor. The main character's entire family is killed at the start, an incredibly bold move considering the last movie was about saving them. From there the movie showcases odd creatures, goofy performances, and the Ewoks somehow speaking in Basic. Despite all the weird elements, the movie has high stakes and is surprisingly emotional at times, especially with Cindel and Wicket's final goodbye.
9 The Crystal Star Star Wars: The Crystal Star by Vonda N. McIntyre begins as would be expected of a Bantam-era Star Wars novel: Han and Leia's children are kidnapped, another Imperial Remnant is on the rise, and now the heroes must go on another adventure. Unlike the better Bantam-era books, The Crystal Star gets into some peculiar territory, especially with the creature known as Waru. An alien from another dimension, Waru is described as a massive blob with ooze pouring out from between golden scales, which has healing abilities. The Crystal Star deserves credit for its unique ideas but is certainly an odd story.
8 "Therefore I Am: The Tale Of IG-88" IG-88 received his own story in the Star Wars: Tales of the Bounty Hunters anthology, providing some truly shocking details that change the Star Wars movies "Therefore I Am: The Tale of IG-88" by Kevin J. Anderson revealed that IG-88 was several identical droids, with IG-88B being contracted to hunt Han Solo along with the other bounty hunters. This unit was destroyed by Boba Fett on Cloud City and can be seen among the junk piles in the Ugnaughts' incinerator room. IG88A even managed to download himself into the second Death Star's compute core, planning to launch a galaxy-wide droid revolution, but the station was destroyed before he could.
7 Star Wars Infinities Star Wars Infinities was a series of comics that told alternate versions of the original Star Wars trilogy. Infinities explored Luke's failure to destroy the Death Star in A New Hope, Han being too late to save Luke in The Empire Strikes Back, and Leia's negotiations going wrong at Jabba's palace. These stories undoubtedly led to weird moments, but they also contained some of the franchise's most creative ideas to date. Leia joining the Empire, Han vowing to become a Jedi, and Darth Vader donning white armor are just a few examples of how crazy Infinities could get, making it a series that Star Wars should bring back.


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