Does Steve Rogers" Captain America Have Superpowers In The MCU?

Steve Rogers gained the body of an Olympic athlete when he became Captain America, but the MCU Steve Rogers may have gained superpowers as well. The Captain America of the comics was meant to be the pinnacle of human achievement, with a heroic heart and athletic physique. However, there are several instances in the movies which suggest the MCU Captain America has superpowers, including enhanced strength and stamina.
Created by comics' legends Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, the Steve Rogers of the comics was meant to be a more realistic hero that ordinary children could aspire to be like. Much like DC Comics' Batman, the Steve Rogers of the comics is highly trained, but has no intrinsic abilities that mark him as more than human. While the Super Soldier Serum transformed Steve Rogers into a peak human athlete, it did not give him any powers beyond those which any soldier could reach with time and training. Still, there is some question whether Captain America is superhuman in the MCU.


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