Every Version Of The Klingons In Star Trek

No Star Trek alien has undergone as many changes as the Klingons, and here's every variant featured in the franchise. Although they were the main villain in Star Trek: The Original Series, it wasn't until the movies that they adopted the iconic look that continues to define them to this day. The change from flat foreheads to cranial ridges and long hair has inspired various writers over the years to try squaring the inconsistency in canon, which only complicated matters further.
Given that the Federation is an intergalactic melting pot of cultures, it's unsurprising that Klingons mate with partners from outside their species. There have been several interspecies variations of Klingon, most notably Star Trek: Voyager's Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres (Roxann Dawson), who was the daughter of a human father and Klingon mother. Genetic experiments have also created some fascinating variations on Klingon DNA, making them one of the most diverse Star Trek species. Here's every type of Klingon to appear in Star Trek so far.


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